History of RV Fanfaren Corps

In 1956 six members of the Rheinischer Verein made a commitment to start a Fanfaren Corps in Chicago.

  • Karl-Heinz Brokerhoff - Founder
  • Gustaf Hopp
  • Emil DeHoff
  • Herbert Austin
  • Wolfgang Remers
  • Fritz Mueller
Karl Heinz Brokerhoff
Karl Heinz Brokerhoff, founder and director, 1956 - 1991

These six members began practicing at the Lincoln Turner Hall in 1956 without instruments. From stories that were told these six members hummed the melodies and drummed on tables. After much persuasion and from Karl Heinz Brokerhoff, and even more discussion by the Rheinischer Verein, the parent club finally appropriated the grand total of $90 to purchase four fanfaren and two drums. Today those same six instruments would cost $3,000.

The Fanfaren Corp, circa 1987
The Fanfaren Corps pictured in front of Chicago's lakefront. (Circa 1987)

During the last 45 years the Fanfaren Corps has grown and changed. We currently have over 30 members. Our membership includes accountants, lawyers, mechanics, teachers, firemen, policemen and dozens of others.

We have performed for many Mayors including Daley, Bilandic, Byrne, Washington, Sawyer and Daley again. We have also performed for Governors Stratton, Ogilvie, Kerner, Walker, Thompson, Edgar and Ryan.

Reiner Mayer, our current Director
A special thanks to Emil Wehrle for his notes on the Fanfaren Corps history.
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